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Eighteen Water Baptized at Namibia Camp Meeting

The Baltzells, Gumbos, and Lordick Motshidisi, Overseer of Botswana, arrived in Ondanwa, Namibia, on Wednesday for the Easter camp meeting. They were greeted warmly by Joseph Jegede, Overseer of Namibia, and his wife, Victoria.
imageA morning meeting was held on Good Friday. With three to four hundred present, the church was completely full while still more stood outside. Seven countries were represented by leaders from our churches: Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, the United States, and Zimbabwe. Brother Dwight said it was a special experience to witness the saints’ support for each other. He also said, “The service was a real blessing, and the time spent at the altar afterwards was wonderful, with many pouring out their hearts to the Lord.”
An afternoon service, in which Brother Lordick preached, was held with the young people in mind. There were a number of them in attendance who were not familiar with the Gospel message. We pray it resonated with their hearts, and the Lord will continue to draw them.
In the evening, Eddie Sadike, Overseer of South Africa, preached. Brother Dwight said there was an outstanding spirit over the entire meeting, and a powerful altar service followed. The next morning he learned that after the prayer meeting ended and our team had left for the hotel, several congregants went back to the altar and continued praying.
This spirit of revival carried over to Saturday morning, and the saints arrived ready to seek the Lord. Brother Onias preached, and everyone enjoyed a great time together. In the afternoon, another youth-oriented service was held, and then in the evening, there was a sing-a-long with music provided by visiting groups.
imageEaster began with Sunday school followed by a morning worship service. Our Angola saints made up about half of the congregation. They brought a choir with them and were a great support to the camp meeting. In the afternoon, a water baptismal service was held, and eighteen were baptized. An evening meeting followed, and then the day finished with an ordinance service.
As our team prepares to return home, we rejoice in the eighteen who were water-baptized, and thank God for the many other lives touched during this camp meeting.

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